Los Angeles

Here you will find accounts of our travels. See how we get to share the gospel in word and deed, one city at a time. We’ve been blessed to learn, teach, and love people and look forward to see where Father God takes us next. Jesus rocks!

It’s In You

In the spring of 2017, we took our second trip to LA while ministering in Las Vegas. We really saw the LORD at work in so many awesome and wonderful ways! The glory and majesty of our God was re-confirmed to us, and we learned once again that everything is in God! It’s in You, Lord!

Bless the Food

As soon as we arrived in LA, we took the opportunity to engage with our Uber driver and the lady who helped us at the car rental as Bevelyn had a specific word for her. The next day, Bevelyn wanted to hit Compton (you probably know why) and surprisingly we did not see much going on there.

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