Women need to know WHO they are according to the Word of God. Pt1

Posted by Bevelyn Beatty on Monday, December 11, 2017

The demise of a woman!! Pt 4

Posted by Bevelyn Beatty on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Women have POWER over men!! Pt 2

Posted by Bevelyn Beatty on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Things men LIKE and do not LIKE!! Pt 5

Posted by Bevelyn Beatty on Saturday, January 13, 2018

Women can flourish in THEIR ROLE!! Pt3

Posted by Bevelyn Beatty on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Real Woman Empowerment is about teaching women how powerful, unique and noble they really are in Christ. With biblical and personal insight, women will learn how to understand men on an interpersonal level, their likes, and dislikes. They will learn how to gain a holy respect from men and have peace in their home with their husband. Women will understand the godly concept of being a woman and learn to flourish as such. Most of today’s feminism has programmed women to war against men constantly. There is an agenda out there designed to get women to believe that they don’t need men. They are just like them. This is not real woman empowerment. Just like everyone else, women are called to prosper in their God-given role! This teaching is not designed to help women change their men. Only Holy Spirit does that. It is intended to help women see what needs to change in them and allow Holy Spirit to take them on a journey with Him so they can move forward with God’s love, power, and wisdom.

Bevelyn Beatty was born in New York—but raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. Although her father was a Muslim, she always knew Jesus as her Lord and Savior. As she puts it, “I have been saved my whole life.” However, she moved by sight—not by faith. After leaving for college she backslid from church, and ultimately God. She candidly shares, “My life had dealt me a hard hand of cards, and rather than trusting in the Lord and giving my struggles to Him, I played my hand.” This decision landed her in jail where she decided she would never go back to a life of sin upon being released. Her life is a testament to the power of God. She’s been ministering for the past 3 years with At The Well Ministries where she is president and a co-founder.

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