Rickey Williams Jr was born a twin on February 13th, 1989 in Manhattan, New York, and was raised in Brooklyn. As a young child, he was troubled due to feeling rejected by his father. When his mother became a Christian, because of Rickeyʼs rebellious behavior it was suggested to keep him in a Christian school. By attending that school and through the power of the Holy Spirit and sound Christian council, Rickey was healed from the orphan spirit that pushed him into rebellion. As a young child, he would testify to Christ in his life and even Christ healing him of asthma. As he grew older and went to college, he fell away from the Christian lifestyle. He was your average teenage male playing sports and growing up in Brooklyn.

Tragedy struck when an unknown stomach virus ailed his body during his college years. This sickness was very severe and almost fatal. During those dark times, he grabbed unto his faith and held it as strongly as he could. Rickey realized it was Jesus Christ that brought him through that sickness and healed him. From that moment forward, he never looked back. Rickeyʼs conservative values came from his belief in Jesus Christ and His word. His values became strong convictions he lived by, to truly serve God.

During his journey, he was led into a religious cult cloaked as believerʼs of Christ. This cult pushed the law, rather than the cross. This forced him into an illegitimate marriage and moved him to the midwest to get away from ”the world” including his own family. Later, the Lord revealed to him that he was targeted through his venerability of wanting to follow Christ which resulted in yoking him under a manipulative sect that had no parts with Christ or His grace. He was commanded by God to leave after finally seeking His voice for himself and no longer looking to the perverted leadership for answers and understanding. While being obedient to God, It seemed as though his life had fallen apart and all of his relationships including the illegitimate marriage were severed. Then the Lord revealed to Rickey that his ex-marriage was performed by a practicing witch and that the occult practiced was a form of witchcraft called Kabbalah. Being so young in his faith he was oblivious to all of these things, yet serving the ministry with blind zeal.

The Lord spoke to him one day and told him to leave the ministry, it also resulted in the Lord breaking him free from the heavy-rooted lies, ultimately resulting in divorce due to infidelity and severance of faith. With this decision, he resulted in starting his relationship with Jesus all over again. Through the pain and trials, he decided to continue to love Christ and not give up on his relationship with Him. This began the rebirth of Rickey Williams. It charged him to no longer yoke his faith to a burden and corruption cloaked in law but to worship Christ in spirit and in truth. Seeking His face but also heart. In 2021, he met his now-wife Bevelyn Williams, and continues to run the race of righteousness for the Kingdom. The scriptures states ‘ʼtrain a child in the way they should go and they will never depart from itʼʼ. This is true about Rickey Williams and is a testimony of his life, love, loyalty, and dedication to Christ, his family, and his country.