Here you will find accounts of our travels. See how we get to share the gospel in word and deed, one city at a time. We’ve been blessed to learn, teach, and love people and look forward to see where Father God takes us next. Jesus rocks!

Hotcakes #2

One Sunday evening, we were on our way back to the home of Edmee’s sister Gabrielle, who happens to live by the Chateau de Vincennes, a 14th- and 17th-century French royal fortress in the town of Vincennes. The historic site is surrounded by woods. There was a festival going on, and while we were driving Gabrielle pointed to the prostitutes…

Hotcakes #1

It was such a wonderful trip to France, from riding horses on a Sunday afternoon, to buying delicious fruits, vegetables and pastries at the grocery store, to staying with Edmee’s family, and being catered to for every breakfast and dinner by Edmee’s sister, Gabrielle. We felt ‘magnifique’! It was a dream come true to be in France.

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